Testimonials Steve & Ruth Lusko Los Osos, CA

Testimonials Steve & Ruth Lusko Los Osos, CA

We are writing to express our thanks and pleasure with our new Water Max Filtration

When we moved to Los Osos in December 1999, we thought our water was hard. As the
years passed, the water became extremely hard to the point of ruining our stainless steel
flatware and also our drinking glasses. Our new sinks lost their finish from the constant
use of harsh cleansers; yes, constant use of Cornet ruined them. We purchased a new set
of stainless steel flatware and a couple of sets of drinking glasses. Thinking this problem
was our dishwasher we called the Maytag Company with our complaints. After several
calls to them, they and our local dealer decided to give us a new dishwasher, but we still
had the problem. The local dealer told us to use Glisten, (a powder) once a month.
Glisten helped some; but the rest of the house still had the awful hard water; the taste was

We heard of Hague Quality Water from a friend. We contacted Eric and he carme to our
home and tested the water and showed us how the Reverse Osmosis works; we were
sold! It was like a miracle! There was no doubt; we wanted this system with the
wonderful clear good tasting drinking water.

Paul was wonderful! He was professional and very knowledgeable in explaining our new
system. The attention to detail and the care he took in the installation of the RO System
was impressive. The project was a pleasant experience.

We are very happy with the cleaning and soap products that carme with the system. How
wonderful it is to not include laundry soap and cleansers on my grocery list. Our clothes
are cleaner and brighter, showers, sinks, counter tops clean and sparkle; tea and coffee
are delicious-I love my RO System! It would be impossible to live without Hague
Quality Water now.


Ruth and Steve Lusko