Testimonials Sue Nabhan Los Osos, CA

Testimonials Sue Nabhan Los Osos, CA

Dear Richard,

It’s been two weeks now, since our Hague system was installed. First, I must admit that I had some initial doubts
as to how well I would really like the “new” water. I know you asked me to give it 3 weeks before forming any
opinions, but 1 feel 1 have already adjusted.

Here are the most negative things that 1 can possibly think of:

1) The bubbles don’t last quite as long as before in a bubble bath (1 have one son who takes very long baths -lots
playing going on).

2) The ice cubes melt a little faster than before.

No one else in the family noticed those differences, but I was really looking for differences! I am pretty much
impressed with the whole thing. The above changes are very minor and I don’t even notice them any more. You
were absolutely correct about everything.

The installation was fast and very effidentl Those are two great guys you have there! They took the time to stop
by a few days in advance and asked if they could check out the place where the equipment would be Installed, to
insure they would have everything they needed with them on the actual day of installation. Nice planning! They
were friendly, polite, efficient, and neat! I’d give them a five star rating!

Our showers and baths are very nice. The water is soft – not slimy as I imagined it would be. Everything rinses
away cleanly, and our skin does really feel softer (don’t you hate being right all the time?). The drinking water
tastes great, too! I really cannot tell the difference between myoid favorite bottled water (Sparkletts). The ice
cubes smell fresh and are crystal dear. My husband has gone back to putting ice in his beverages instead of just
drinking everything at room temperature.

Cleaning is nicer too. There is no white residue around the faucets or sinks – everything wipes away deanly! We
are using less soap in the dish washer and washing machine (just as you said) and everything comes out clean,
clean, clean!

All in all, we are happy with the product. You were absolutely correct about everything. Our bedroom is directly
over the garage where the equipment was installed. The first two times the system emptied and refilled itself, I
woke up wondering what the heck was going (sounded like someone had water running somewhere in the house).
I am the only one who ever heard it; I am a light sleeper, but have now adjusted and have no complaints at all.
You have a fine product and we are very happy with it!


Sue Nabhan