Testimonial Kirk Sturm Los Osos, CA

Testimonial Kirk Sturm Los Osos, CA

As an attorney, I’m trained to gather information, analyze that information, and present
legal options for my clients.

I used the same legal training to evaluate both Richard and the Hague Water System.

After my analysis, my personal option was to purchase the Hague Water System from Richard.

I unequivocally recommend both Richard and the Hague Water System. My
recommendation is being made after an exhaustive collection of data, including Internet
searches, commercial reference checks, personal on-site inspections in my neighborhood, as well
as, personal interactions with Richard and the satisfaction of the Hague Water System

Richard has lived and worked in the Los Osos community for at least 12 years and has
great personal references. Richard is genuine and is very concerned about his clients and the
quality of the product and installation services.

The Hague Water System does not compare to a normal water treatment system since the
Hague does so much more. My skin rashes have dramatically improved since I switched to the
Hague Water System WITHOUT the aid of medication. When traveling, I can’t wait to return
home to my own bed and my great Hague water. It feels so clean and slippery.

Again, I highly recommend both Richard and the Hague Water System. I am very happy
with Richard and the service he has provided my family. If! can provide any further information
about Richard or our Hague Water System, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kirk B. Sturm