No Salt Water Softener

FILTERSORB® SP3 Salt Free Anti-Scale Media

No Salt, No Chemicals, No Water Waste, No Electricity!

Congratulations for taking the time to research water conditioning. There are so many options that make this a very challenging product to research. Many products are marketed beyond their capability and that makes everything even more confusing. We offer 3 different no salt technologies as well as salt based solutions for your home. All products are not the same, they’re not even close. We have solutions for flow rates of 10, 12, 16 and 20 gallons per minute. Let us guide you towards the system that will best fit your needs and water quality goals. The easiest way to get started to call us to schedule a free estimate.


The technologically advanced Filtersorb® SP3 Saltless Anti-Scale Media is an innovative solution that prevents many of the negative effects of calcium and magnesium. The system is maintenance free, chemical free, salt free and does not require regeneration or backwashing.

Our Unique Manufacturing Process

Our Filtersorb® SP3 saltless anti-scale media is manufactured in a clean room environment and has a long manufacturing cycle which goes through multiple manufacturing processes. Currently, CWG Germany is at full production and has expanded into a new 60 thousand square foot state of the art facility.

How does it work?

Filtersorb® SP3 is a highly active form of heterogeneous catalyst for
transforming the temporary hardness from water to inert calcium carbonate
crystals. The formed crystals are stable and do not form scale deposits. They are
easily removed with the water flow and will travel practically untransformed in pipes
and appliances.

The FILTERSORB® SP3 is an excellent no salt conditioner. You will want to install a whole house carbon filter in front of this product on city water to eliminate the chemicals like chlorine that you’re bathing in and extend the life of the SP3 media.

The FILTERSORB® SP3 is an excellent no salt conditioner. If your well water contains sand, sediment or silt you should install a sediment filter in front of this system. We offer several different no maintenance solutions for sediment filtration as a pre-filter before the SP3 system.



Tank Innovation

The FILTERSORB® SP3 System uses Vortech technology. Vortech® is the world’s most innovative and efficient universal distribution system for water treatment systems, in filtration and softening applications. The design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity; which means less regenerations and significant reduction of water use. Figure 1

Valve Design

The 1” Head is fully ported to provide maximum flow rates. The FILTERSORB® SP3 valve incorporates a standard 2½” tank connection and features parallel inlet and outlet ports to easily adapt to standard plumbing connections or Clack’s all-plastic, four way bypass valve. This valve is molded out of a rugged thermoplastic resin for years of trouble free use. Figure 2


FILTERSORB® SP3 has proven itself in a variety of applications as an alternative to
ion exchange softening or other conventional water treatment methods.

The maintenance-free characteristics make it especially suited for Foodservice and
Commercial applications where equipment maintenance is often overlooked.

Home appliances: Faucets, water pipes, shower heads, shower cabins, toilets. All
beverage systems, kitchen machines, dish washers, ice cubes, compact washers and

Major appliances: Central heating, air conditioners, water heaters, air humidifiers,
coffee and tea makers, solar heating systems, water coolers.

Boilers: Hot water boilers, central heating boilers, combo boilers, catering water
boilers, boilers and pool heaters, commercial water heaters, industrial hot water

Cooling towers: Closed circuit cooling towers, open circuit cooling towers, concrete
cooling towers, cross flow cooling towers.

Industrial appliances: Winery, Car Washing, Dairy Processing, Food & Beverages,
Injection Molding, Irrigation, Nurseries, Reverse Osmosis pre-treatment etc.

FILTERSORB® SP3 is certified under ANSI/NSF 61 from WQA, USA.
FILTERSORB® SP3 is BS 6920:2000 and WRAS (British Standard, UK)
FILTERSORB® SP3 is tested to meet MSZ 448-36:1985 standard
FILTERSORB® SP3 is certified from Department of Environmental
Hygiene (Poland).


10 Year limited warranty on the tank

5 Year limited warranty on the valve

3 Year warranty on installation

Download the SP3 Owners Manual

SP3 Owners Manual PDF