G3601 Reverse Osmosis System

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The Really Clean Water G3601 5 stage purification system is the most versatile and efficient drinking water system in the world.

The real flavor of water refreshes and satisfies. But today, enjoying a clean drink of water is not as simple as filling your glass from the tap. Even when treated by an approved municipal water system, the goodness of pure water is never achieved.

In today’s world the concerns about our water have changed. We are no longer worried about death by parasite, we are concerned with pharmaceuticals and cancer causing agents in our drinking water supplies.

Key Benefits

  • 92% Less water waste than other RO systems
  • 1 to 1 ratio, not 12 to 1 like most systems. (50% recovery rate)
  • 35% better pressure than other RO Systems (Required for ice maker line)
  • Storage tank fills 5 times faster
  • Up to 36 gallons per day
  • Ultra Violet Light (Option)
  • Alkaline Water


Reduction Performance

Contaminant Average % 


Arsenic (+5) 99.3
Barium 99.8
Cadmium 99.0
Chromium (3) 99.7
Chromium (6) 99.2
Cysts 99.99
Fluoride 97.0
Lead 99.4
Nitrate 94.3
Nitrite 82.1
Radium 226/228 99.8
Selenium 94.0
TDS 96.2


5 Year limited warranty

5 Year limited warranty on the storage tank

5 Year limited warranty on permeate pump and shut off valve

3 Year warranty on installation

  •   To our pleasant surprise the Hague system has eliminated the water odor and bad taste. Our teenage sons wouldn't drink water at our last house because of the odor, but now they comment on how good the water tastes and that is doesn't smell. They (and us) drink several glasses of water a day now without the bad smelt or taste, and without worrying about what chemicals are lurking in our drinking water. Everything you promised us has been realized.  
    John and Sharon Young
  • Before the system was installed, we could taste, feel, and see the poor quality of water in our home. Our water used to taste like metal. Now, our water tastes great, and we no longer need to buy bottled water to drink in our home. Coffee, Tea, and foods taste better when cooking with our Hague quality water. We were skeptical at first about the difference it would make, but now our quality of life has improved so much, we could never go back to using our old water. Hague Quality Water does make a difference.  
    Jeff and Suzy Wright
  • Drinking water is very important to me and my family and if we do not like how the water taste we won't drink it. We found ourselves looking for reasons not to drink the water from the tap due to the awful metallic taste. We constantly found ourselves buying water by the cases to fulfill our needs for drinking water. Our new Hague Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is simply incredible, our drinking water taste better than bottled water. Once· again, one of the best investments we could have ever imagined.
    John Prickett