Whole House Filtration Systems

Which Watermax configuration is best for your water?

Let’s test your water to find out

Learn 5 reasons why 97% of our clients choose a Watermax instead of a water softener.

  1. Water Softeners don’t remove anything other than hardness
  2. Water Softeners leave chemicals in the water like chlorine
  3. Water Softeners waste more water and salt than a Watermax
  4. Water Softeners need to have resin replaced every 7-12 years
  5. Water Softeners can build up bacteria

The Watermax has different configurations depending your water supply and concerns.

City Water Watermax

5 Different Configurations with a 25 year limited warranty

3BEQ Watermax – City Water Configuration

Private Well (Non Chlorinated Water)

20 Different Configurations with a 25 year limited warranty

2AMQ Watermax – Well Water Configuration


We have been helping our clients solve multiple water problems in a single system since 1960!

  • The Watermax is a multi compartment tank
  • Over 20 different configurations
  • Different medias to customize your specific water solution

A water softener only deals with one problem, the hardness. If you want clean water, you want a Hague Watermax.


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Innovative Technology

Smart Touch Controller

  • Salt Saving Technology that will reduce salt usage by tens of thousands of pounds of salt compared to competitor systems.
  • Quiet Operation and configurable quiet times. Finally a quiet water system!
  • Power Outage Protection – Some systems will stop functioning when the power is lost and restored. The Smart Touch controller will keep it’s settings and time of day settings so you don’t have to worry about it.

Have you had your water tested to determine what additional concerns your water has besides being hard?

Are you looking for something more than just a water softener?

  • Would you like filtered water through out your entire home?
  • Have you ever considered what breathing in chlorine does to your lungs?
  • Do you have dry or itchy skin? Especially after a shower or bath?
  • Would you like piece of mind that you’re not bathing in chemicals?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

You came to the right place. Our Watermax system will deliver incredible water through out your home.

It’s not just a water softener. The Watermax is a custom 3 compartment whole house filtration system designed to treat your water specifically.

  • The Hague Watermax system is wonderful. Our clothes and dishes are cleaner. I use much less soap and they shine. The showers make your skin feel clean and soft.
    Donna Kingsley
  • The reverse osmosis drinking water system makes the water taste much better. We are on a ranch with a well water system that is extremely hard and tastes bad. We used to have to buy bottled water to drink, and now we simply refill the bottles were provided with the system.
    Malcom Kingsley
  • Simply put, everything is cleaner! I love my spot-free glasses, my clean shower stall and my clean clothes. No more filmy stuff all over my body. I tell all my friends about my clean start. My only regret is not having gotten it sooner.
    Linda Luong
  • We noticed a huge difference in how soft our skin felt after taking our very first shower and bath. Our Watermax whole house filtration system is fantastic. We are using less lotion. We can't believe the difference in how wonderful and healthy our skin looks and feels.
    Lori Hall
  • We appreciate knowing that the water we are breathing in the steam shower is pure and healthy, without chlorine. We are confident that we made a wise investment to protect not only our health but also our new plumbing fixtures and glass shower doors. The decision to install our new Hague Watermax system during the process of our extensive remodel, right from the start was a good one.
    Stephen HallArroyo Grande, CA
  • Just for starters, my husband and I have noticeably softer hair and clearer skin. The Water in our area has always been a problem for me. I've had other water softeners and none of them helped my dry, irritated skin. Within two days of showering with Hague Water, my skin was completely soft and clear.
    Logan HillPaso Robles, CA