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Water Test & Demonstration

The first step is water testing. We will test your water or review your water test results to determine contaminants of concern. We have a fun and interactive demonstration to show how the different water treatment technologies work. You will have an opportunity to smell, taste and feel how your water could and should be.

Installation Proposal

The second step is to walk your property to determine where your water connections are located. We will identify what will and will not be treated water. We will discuss any and all labor involved in getting your water system installed right and according to local plumbing codes. We will determine the space required and the location for the equipment installation.

Equipment Recommendation

The third step is to sit down and discuss your options. Once we know what you want removed from your water, and the plumbing requirements for your property we can recommend the right system for you. We will explain how the equipment works, any maintenance requirements and our incredible warranties.

What our clients say about us

  • Before the system was installed, we could taste, feel, and see the poor quality of water in our home. Our water used to taste like metal. Now, our water tastes great, and we no longer need to buy bottled water to drink in our home. Coffee, Tea, and foods taste better when cooking with our Hague quality water.We were skeptical at first about the difference it would make, but now our quality of life has improved so much, we could never go back to using our old water. Hague Quality Water does make a difference. 
    Jeff and Suzy Wright
  • We appreciate knowing that the water we are breathing in the steam shower is pure and healthy, without chlorine. We are confident that we made a wise investment to protect not only our health but also our new plumbing fixtures and glass shower doors. The decision to install our new Hague Watermax system during the process of our extensive remodel, right from the start was a good one.
    Stephen HallArroyo Grande, CA
  • The reverse osmosis drinking water system makes the water taste much better. We are on a ranch with a well water system that is extremely hard and tastes bad. We used to have to buy bottled water to drink, and now we simply refill the bottles were provided with the system.
    Malcom Kingsley
  • Just for starters, my husband and I have noticeably softer hair and clearer skin. The Water in our area has always been a problem for me. I've had other water softeners and none of them helped my dry, irritated skin. Within two days of showering with Hague Water, my skin was completely soft and clear.
    Logan HillPaso Robles, CA
  • Drinking water is very important to me and my family and if we do not like how the water taste we won't drink it. We found ourselves looking for reasons not to drink the water from the tap due to the awful metallic taste. We constantly found ourselves buying water by the cases to fulfill our needs for drinking water. Our new Hague Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is simply incredible, our drinking water taste better than bottled water. Once· again, one of the best investments we could have ever imagined.
    John Prickett
  • We noticed a huge difference in how soft our skin felt after taking our very first shower and bath. Our Watermax whole house filtration system is fantastic. We are using less lotion. We can't believe the difference in how wonderful and healthy our skin looks and feels.
    Lori Hall

Purchase Equipment

Purchase Equipment

Most people decide to purchase equipment for their home. It’s and excellent investment and can be moved from home to home.

Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

We rent water softeners, whole house filtration systems, and reverse osmosis systems. All service charges are included in our low monthly fee. This includes service repairs & filter changes.

Lease Equipment

Lease Equipment

We do offer business leases for commercial equipment. The lease can run from 12 to 60 months. Most leases come with a buy out option.

Trial Program

Trial Program

If you have sensitive skin, itchy skin or any skin concerns we can get you started on a trial program. Most people see immediate improvement within 3 days. You do not need a referral from a dermatologist to take part in our trial program.



We make clean water affordable with low monthly payments. There are absolutely no pre-payment penalties. Even if you have bad credit, no credit or a bankruptcy in the past we can get you financed.

Credit Cards Accepted

Credit Cards Accepted

Our customers love the ability to earn rewards on their favortie credit cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Trade Ins

Trade Ins

Do you have a water system that is leaking, wasteful or under sized for your home? We can get that lemon off your hands and apply a trade in value towards the purchase of your new state of the art Hague water system.



We guarantee all our labor for 3 years on new installations. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.  We install the water systems that other dealers say are “impossible.”

Everyone loves their Hague Quality Water

Check out this video testimonial.

We are a family business

We treat our customers like family, and everything is personal.


We're honest

Honesty and integrity our the values that bind our company. We walk away from sales that may hurt our reputation. In recent years there have been several “no salt water systems” introduced that do not actually improve water quality. Many companies today capitalize on a “no maintenance product” as an easy sale. We only offer solutions that we can demonstrate and prove their effectiveness without an electron microscope.



We're fun

Our demonstrations are fun and informative. We love to do our demonstration for the whole family because when the kids get involved with the science, it’s like magic. We love to spend time with clients who like to have fun too.



We're disciplined

We take special care to make sure that everything we do, we do right. Our constant training and skill improvement makes our jobs look easy. Some say we’re too concerned with accuracy. Our response, “we only quadruple check every transaction for accuracy. We used to do 5.”

We listen

We have two ears and one mouth. Tell us your story, we want to hear it. Our clients work with us for decades. We know them, and they know us. If you feel comfortable sharing, let’s share.



We're talented

Having the best equipment, the best tools and the best materials are worthless if they are not handled by talented people. Our installers have been perfecting their craft for years. To have the best and most talented people, you have to pay them well. When you hear, “you get what you pay for” it’s true. Our mission is not to be the cheapest water company, we strive to be the very best.



We're hardworking

No one likes to talk about problems. I business will be defined by how they deal with problems. We respond quickly over the phone. We respond quickly in person, we put in weekends and holidays. For some reason it seems like we always have an urgent service call on Thanksgiving. We don’t think asking a client to wait a week or more for an urgent service call is acceptable, we will put in the overtime.