Testimonials Ray Ramirez Los Osos, CA

Testimonials Ray Ramirez Los Osos, CA

To Whom It May Concern,

We purchased our new home in Atascadero two years ago and one of our first visitors was a nice,
friendly professional employee of Hague, Diana Wilsted. Sad to say, we really wanted to do something
about our water problem; however, we had the financial dilemma of paying for two mortgages. Diana
should get an award for not giving up on us – always respectful of our time and sympathetic of our
unhappiness with the North County water.

Finally, we got out from under our two mortgage nightmare and could seriously consider a new water
system. Well it didn’t really take long to consider, in fact we jumped at the chance to improve our
water problems.

We can’t say enough about how happy we are with our new Hague water system. We are so glad that
Diana never gave up on us. We can recommend Hague Quality Water with no reservations.

For two years we had put up with hard water calcification buildup on our glass shower doors, our toilets,
our sinks, etc. For two years we put up with chemicals leeching into our bodies every time we took a
shower or bathed. For two years we put up with our ice cubes having disgusting residuals floating in our
glass. Those were two long years.

And then came our “water savior”, Diana from Hague. Now we are no longer scrubbing our shower with
nasty chemical cleaners. A simple wipe down with a cloth now takes care of things. Sinks that used to
need scrubbing every other day now only needs a simple and quick wipe. Chrome fixtures look and stay
looking nice. Our toilets used to have, what we thought was a permanent and embarrassing ring where
the water rested. Well, this ring was not permanent. In fact the ring isn’t there anymore. The ring is
gone and so is the embarrassment. We can now serve drinks with ice to our guests without the
mortification of the ice melting into a pool of floating residual particles. Now we can actually see
through our ice cubes! Our water now tastes great as does our coffee.


Ray Ramirez