Testimonial Jeffrey & Lisa Smith Los Osos, CA

Testimonial Jeffrey & Lisa Smith Los Osos, CA

Dear Richard,

We are writing to express our pleasure with our Hague water system.

We recently moved from San Francisco to Los Osos and immediately
noticed the poor water quality in our new home. We begun buying bottled
water to drink and cook with but we were still concerned about bathing in
the water. As parents of a two-year-old, we were concerned about the
nitrates, MTBE, and pesticides in our well water, and how those chemicals
may affect our sons’ health. We are so pleased with our new clean water
quality. Our son’s first bath we could tell the odor of chlorine was gone
and his bubble bath actually bubbled and lasted throughout the bath. We
are also loving the reverse osmosis drinking water.

The installation was also very professional. Paul was wonderful at
installing and explaining about the care of our new system. We were
extremely impressed by his attention to detail and the care he took in our
home. He even used two pairs of shoes, one for the outside and one to
wear on the inside. It was wonderful to have such care given during the

The soap products have been an additional treat. We have enjoyed their
quality and their environmental gentleness.

Thank you again for the excellent water system, service and products. We
certainly have enjoyed the quality of our new Hague water system.


Lisa and Jeffrey Smith