Testimonials Jerry & Judie Kirkhart Los Osos, CA

Testimonials Jerry & Judie Kirkhart Los Osos, CA

Dear Richard,

I am writing this letter to thank you for such a great product and great service. I was very
impressed with your demonstration but did not need to see what you showed us because of
having used the Hague System for many years in the Central Valley. It was impressive and
expected when we found out how bad our local water really is. We have been buying bottled
water since moving here, and never liked the taste of the local water. Only this time we elected to
get the best system that Hague has, as we only had the water softener at the previous house ..

I was very pleased with Paul Lucas and how he installed your system. I do not know how
it could have been done in a more professional manner. Without saying a word, he also installed a
new regulator, and faucets even though he could have used the older ones already there. He was
very sharp and a craftsman and had much pride in his work. We felt he did above what he needed
to do to give us the best possible system. He was very capable and efficient and very quick to do
the installation.

We also had a question about the water pressure to the refrigerator, which also meant that
we got to meet Met who does the normal servicing. He came to our house within a few days of
our call of concern. It turns out there was plenty of pressure to the refrigerator, and that it was the
fault of the refrigerator, and not the Hague system.

My wife and I noticed the difference in the taste as soon as the unit was installed. However,
interestingly, our cat did also. We have raised her on the Hague water in Madera, but discovered
that since coming to Los Osos, she would not drink the water in this house until we got the Hague
System working. Our cat would only drink bottled water before installing our Hague System.
Now that our system is installed, she no longer requires bottled water.

It is comforting to know our water is not only soft but also the best possible water in our
area. We now drink a lot of water, and no longer buy bottled water. It is nice to go to the RO and
have double filtered water and also know that the bacteria are killed with the UV light system too.

Thank you for a superior product we will enjoy for years. We strongly feel that the system
will eventually pay for itself in our better health because of excellent water. It may take this area
quite a few years to get the water problems solved, but we have the good feeling of not having to
be concerned about our water in the meantime. – Even when the water problems are solved, we
will still have the best tasting water possible as well as the best water possible. We recommend
Hague Water, and Richard Foronjy and Paul and Mel without reservation.


Jerry & Judie Kirkhart