Testimonials Scott & Sherry King Los Osos, CA

Testimonials Scott & Sherry King Los Osos, CA

Dear Eric:

We are so pleased with our new water system!

When we bought our new home which had well water, we checked out a number of water
treatment option at the San Luis Obispo Home Show. Our previous house had a
plain water softener that would cycle itself several times a week and was noisy at that.
We were impressed with Hague’s presentation and system at the home show and called

Our new Hague Water System is very quite; the system only took a couple of days to
soften our water. We have noticed a difference in that the shower is much easier to clean,
our clothes and dishes are cleaner; our skin is softer and not so dry. We are also very
pleased with the reverse Osmosis for our drinking water (much healthier & tastier).

We were very impressed with the installation of the complete system.

We will be letting everyone we know who voices a concern about the quality of their
water that they should definitely get in touch with Hague Quality Water!


Scott & Sherry King