Testimonial Yvette Winn Buelton, CA

Testimonial Yvette Winn Buelton, CA

Dear Richard,

I wanted to express my appreciation for your company and your
professional manner!

We are 100% satisfied with our Hague Water system! Our new
home is now complete with the new system. The soap products were
an additional bonus and have lasted for an extremely long amount of
time, since our soap requirements are much smaller now using the
new system.

Having a serious skin condition, Psoriasis, the water system has
made a huge improvement on my outbreaks and dry skin. Not to
mention our bathroom is much easier to clean without deposits on our
glass doors and chrome hardware.

We also enjoy washing our show cars with safe and soft water!

My deepest appreciation is to your customer service, which I
personally have a pet peeve about poor service … Your company
employees all rated 100% top notch in my book! It is a rare quality to
come across so many employees proud of their product and genuinely
happy to work at their job. They believe in their product and their
company, which is important to us, the consumers.

I will be recommending your product and service to all my

Thank you again for a great experience and product! It was a
pleasure doing business with you!

Best Regards,
Yvette Winn