Testimonial Loran & Valerie Tacker Cambria, CA

Testimonial Loran & Valerie Tacker Cambria, CA


We have always recognized the need for pure, good-tasting drinking water. Our town has
hard water with quite a few minerals which give interesting, but not very pleasant flavors.
In the past we tried bottled water delivery with an Arrowhead water cooler, Brita filters,
and a Culligan reverse osmosis system, which we rented. When our neighbor suggested
we talk: to Hague about a water system, we thought it wouldn’t hurt anything to talk.

Your representative, Dan, came with a very good presentation, and demonstrated why a
Hague model H3500 drinking water system was an improvement over what we had been
using. The taste of the water was superior to what we were used to, and the efficiency of
the system was impressive. Dan was well-informed and knew how to present his
product. He really sold us.

We have been using our new RO system for six months now, and have not been sorry we
opted for Hague. The water quality is outstanding and the system provides a very good,
strong flow of pure water on demand. We have no regrets and are pleased when visitors
to our home comment on the great-tasting water we have.

Again, thank you for providing us with this wonderful product.


Loran and Valerie Tacker