Testimonial Mecki & Victoria Heussen Cambria, CA

Testimonial Mecki & Victoria Heussen Cambria, CA

Hi Eric,

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy our water filtering and
purification systems. We learned about this from a cold call at our door
one day. We were not really in the market at the time but had been
considering a water softener for a while, living in Cambria. I believe
the cold call came from George (last name forgotten). He was very
pleasant and described the testing process and that it would take about
an hour.

Dan Middleditch and George came a week later (in November) for the
testing process and explanation of your product. After much talk, mostly
by Dan, we decided to purchase a pretty elaborate system for much more
money than I ever expected to pay for clean, healthy drinking water. But
we did this with the confidence that your product will perform as
described for years to come. The five-stage purification system gives us
great tasting land clean! water, and the filtration system soft, filtered water for laundry, hygeine, dishes and a great reduction of scale buildup. Installation was done by Paul who was great and took care that the installation met our needs for under-counter space and outdoor location.

Dan has an impressive knowledge of the product line as well as water
chemistry. More than we understood and cared to hear about but it made
the sale and he helped us understand the filth we’ve been consuming and
how we could benefit from the products. His visit with us was close to
four hours and I strongly suggest he try and keep it to a minimum. But I
contribute this to his enthusiasm and intelligence of the product line and his eagerness to educate the customer and hopefully make a sale in which he was succesful. It was nice to receive a return visit from him and see the results of our equipment as demonstrated with his chemistry
set. We proudly displayed your sign in our front yard for three months
and have your sticker in our front window. This is a product we gladly
endorse to our friends and neighbors even without the cookware and other
incentives you offer to do so.

We thank you for making this available on the central coast and look
forward to continued support and business with Hague, Dan and Paul.

Mecki and Victoria Heussen