Testimonial Deborah Weinstein Carpenteria, CA

Testimonial Deborah Weinstein Carpenteria, CA

Hi Richard,

Here is the letter I promised you (Finally!). :

I still love my Hague water system. We’ve had it since sometime
around 2003, which makes it a long-term item in our home (6 years or
thereabouts). It is still a quiet little workhorse keeping our water clean, safe
and soft. We’ve never had to have a repairman out for it (knock on wood)
and the only time we’ve needed a technician, was when we relocated the
system, which was initiated by us and not a bad part.

It’s also a pleasure to chat with Richard (Foronjy) every once in a
while when I need more of their wonderful Earth friendly soaps (Shampoo,
dish and dishwasher soap, spray cleaner, hand and body soaps, laundry
detergent) and a cheerful conversation.

So if you are a prospective buyer of the Hague Water System, go into
your sale with complete confidence and know that you’ll be well taken care
of both in the future as well as the present by your new water system and the
people at Hague. I know I am.


Deborah Weinstein