Testimonial David & Debbie Weinstein Carpenteria, CA

Testimonial David & Debbie Weinstein Carpenteria, CA

Hi Richard,

Well here it is, the letter you’ve been bugging us to write! Actually, it is my
pleasure to take a little time to do this for you, as our experience so far with the
Hague Water system has been nothing but good.

Your presentation was convincing and seemed to come from your heart. You
explained you’ve been with Hague for quite a few years, and that you still like
your work. That says a lot about upper management. It makes me think that the
company is one that stands behind its products and representatives. I like that
it’s family owned and not public. I realize a company’s bottom line is important,
but as a customer, I like to feel important also. My family’s health and welfare is
my utmost priority. Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs practically
everything it comes in direct contact with. I have always been concerned about
the purity and SAFETY of our water supply. We thought we were doing well when
we purchased the Life Source system, but were never all the way convinced it
was our best choice. The claims made by the sales rep were half accurate and I
feel that we were pressured into buying a unit that wasn’t quite what we wanted.

As I told you on the phone when you called to follow up, (After our unit was
installed and we’d had a chance to use it-Bravo!) I’m a bit if a cynic when it
comes to sales people and contractors. Every Single one has had something
negative to say about the previous item or work, including you about Life Source!
(Probably warranted in this case.) However, we are quite happy with our Hague
Water System thus far. I love the feeling of soft water on my skin. My dishes are
indeed cleaner, and so ts my laundry. My skin and hair feel better. My hands
can be in and out of water and not feel like they will crack when they dry. We’ve
only had the system for about a month, SO I can’t say much about mineral
deposits yet, but everything so far, is as you said it would be, and I’m not
disappointed in our choice. In fact, we had a friend with sensitive skin take a
shower so she could see if it made a difference. It did!

We thought you were quite knowledgeable and were impressed you answered
our questions so well. It was interesting to see our water tested with your kit. We
didn’t realize how much {junk was in it) Our installer Paul was efficient and
finished within his predicted time frame. The only thing that would have made it
the perfect experience would’ve been if he’d offered to paint our house too! (Ha

Thank you Richard!

Debbie and David Weinstein