Testimonial Jack & Kay Washburn Avila Beach, CA

Testimonial Jack & Kay Washburn Avila Beach, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

We are delighted with our Hague Quality Water System. Not only do we feel better just
knowing that our water is clean and healthy, we also have noticed since the Water System
has been installed and our icemaker hooked up to it, that the swelling in our ankles has
disappeared. We have soft water and even though we were buying our drinking water
from the grocery store, we were using ice cubes that were made with soft water. Our
conclusion is that the salt in the ice cubes was causing our ankles to swell.

Our Hague Representative, Richard Foronjay was most helpful in his presentation of this
product and we heartily endorse the Hague Quality Water System and Richard. We feel
that everyone would benefit by just learning about it.


Jack and Kay Washburn