Testimonial Joyce Roark Avila Beach, CA

Testimonial Joyce Roark Avila Beach, CA

Dear Richard,

When I saw you at the Madonna Home Show I was interested in the filtration
system for the sink. I had been purchasing distilled water for a number of years
at $.70 per gallon plus the California deposit and the gas to go to the store to get
the distilled water each week. It was costing close to $1.00 per gallon. Now that
I have the system on my sink, I get water very close in purity to the distilled water
whenever I want it. My ice cubes are no longer opaque but crystal clear and they
don’t smell.

At the time you came for the demonstration I had a water softener that stood
away from the wall in the garage. I added a bag of salt every 6 to 9 months but I
still had hard water stains in the toilets. Each time there was a power failure, I
would get hard water into the system making the water softener ineffective. The
manual resetting of the timer was inconvenient. When you tested my water, I
was surprised how “dirty” it was. But since we use well water most of the time, I
shouldn’t have been surprised. Since I had the Hague filtration system installed I
have noticed my skin is softer. Whenever I get a scratch I wash it with soap and
water before putting on a dressing. I have noticed that I am having fewer
infections and don’t have to use antibiotic creams on wounds. I assume the
cleaner water is cleaning the wounds and not adding “stuff’ to the wound that
prevents healing and may cause infections.

My dishes used to come out of the dishwasher dirty when I had the water
softener. Now using less detergent, my dishes are beautifully clean. Even the
“etching” is being removed indicating it was hard water film. I used to itch when I
would get out of the shower. Now my skin is soft and I want to get right back in.
It is hard to believe the difference the Hague filtration system makes. I’m glad I
stopped at your booth at the Madonna Home Show.


Joyce Roark