Testimonial – Richard & Heidi Faber – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – Richard & Heidi Faber – Atascadero, CA

To whom it may concern,

Before our meeting with Dan, my wife and I knew that our water here in
Atascadero was some of the hardest water around. We needed some sort of
water softener to protect our appliances and help them last as long as possible.
What we didn’t know about were all the other things in the water that we were
subjecting ourselves and our kids to.

Dan’s presentation was very informative and was presented in a way that
was very easy to understand. He didn’t just tell us our water was bad, he showed
us as welL .. and seeing is believing. My wife and son have very sensitive skin
along with some other skin issues. Learning how the water that we were currently
using was affecting them was a real eye opener. This, along with the many other
cost saving benefits of the Hague water system, is why we made the decision to
have our system installed as soon as possible.

Since having our system installed, we all have noticed a huge
improvement in the feeling of our skin. Along with the reverse osmosis system,
our drinking water tastes as good as any bottled water you can buy. My family
and I would like to thank Dan and all the people at Hague for their time,
knowledge and a truly wonderful product that in no time will be paying for itself.


Richard and Heidi Faber