Testimonial William & Mona Burroughs Nipomo, CA

Testimonial William & Mona Burroughs Nipomo, CA


Well, it has been ill couple of months since we had our Watermax 63BEQ water softener
and the H3500 RIO system installed and I must say that the system is even better than we
had anticipated! Our family of five ace truly enjoying the soft water (especially
showering). and very much the great tasting water which we are getting from the RO

A little history as you know, we live in Nipomo and the water here is and always has
been ATROCIOUS with its hardness. the occasional smell of sulfur (depending upon
which well the water was coming from). and the taste if you dared put it in your mouth
all made the case of bottled water at least for drinking and cooking. We were spending
about $60.00 a month just for bottled water for those very purposes. What a hassle!
Stopping by the store. loading the 2 gallon containers into the em then out of the well
and into the car, then home and out of the car and into the house.

As you know. we were using a local softener company for years. Once a month they
would come out and change the cylinder with a new one, The first few days after that
cylinder was installed. showering was just great Felt like you couldn’t get all of the soap
off of you, and the skin felt very supple, However, after about 5 days that stopped and
it was back to hard water of course, we only thought it was that way, Upon yo~ visit we found out we were right. We were only getting about 5-1 days worth of 50ft water after
each change. That left 23 -25 days per month that we were still in the hard water business.
What an extreme waste of money that was.

. – .

Then you came along and showed us the Hague Water System and water softener. We not have soft
showering and great tasting drinking 24 hours a day. What a change and what an
investment, We now take just about the same amount of money we were paying monthly
for the: bottled water and the softener company and are purchasing this wonderful system.
Everything about this system is great. Soft water for showering (and the dishes never
looked better), no hassle drinking/cooking water, and a system that we can take with us
should we ever decide to sell.

Thanks, again Richard for coming out to our home and introducing us the best water
system ever.

William and Mona Burroughs