Testimonial The Cramins Family Nipomo, CA

Testimonial The Cramins Family Nipomo, CA

Dear Richard,

First off let me say that I am not one to write letters about products that I have
purchased. I have purchased items and been really pleased and thought about
writing a letter or calling to tell the person who sold me the item how pleased I
am but never have. So for me to write this letter means I am truly impressed and
pleased with my Hague Watermax and reverse osmosis system I purchased from

My wife and I went to the Madonna Inn home show with one major thing in
mind, to check out water softening systems. We had just purchased a new home
and had been renting a water softening unit from another company. I was ready
to purchase my own system. I had researched all kinds of systems online and
thought I knew roughly what I wanted. I also knew Hague was a top notch
product as well. I was a little skeptical when the salesman at the Hague booth
wouldn’t or couldn’t give me a price quote on a system but only set an
appointment for someone to come out to my home.

When you showed up and gave me your demo, I was still a little skeptical
cause I wasn’t sure what this thing was going to cost. What really opened eyes
was when I saw my own ice cubes melted in a glass with nothing added to them,
just my own water. I will never forget how that water looked. It honestly made
my stomach turn. Not only was I drinking that water but so were my wife and our
two small children.

I admit I got a huge sticker shock when you told me how much the unit cost
but I quickly got over it when my wife and I talked about it and realized the
benefits it would provide for our family and our health. It was an investment for
not only our home but our family’s health as well. Thank you for the no pressure
sale too. I see why you approach that way, your product sells itself. When you
asked if we had any questions, we had only one, can you install it today?

The installation process was smooth and the unit looks like it was built with
the house. Greg was pro installing it and a very nice guy to boot. My wife kept
trying to feed him and offer him something to drink but he politely refused and

Thank you Richard for an amazing product that I rave about whenever I get
a chance. When someone asks if I have a water softener, I tell them no I have a
Hague, it is so much more.

just kept on working. The man is a ten plus on skill and professionalism. Thank
you Greg.

We have had the system now about three weeks and what a difference in
our water. We use hardly any soap to wash our clothes, dishes, hair, you name it,
and it takes less. A little goes a long way now. I had a question about my RO unit
and called one of the customer service numbers and had my question answered
in a matter of minutes. I was a little skeptical about the Hague soaps we received
but not anymore. They are amazing. Even my wife is using the oatmeal bath
soap. Our skin is softer and our water tastes better than spring water.


The Cramins Family