Testimonial Bruce & Samantha Jones Nipomo, CA

Testimonial Bruce & Samantha Jones Nipomo, CA

Dear Hague,

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed we are with our new water system.

When we moved into our new house we would not have thought of drinking water out of the faucet. The water looked and tasted terrible. We lived off of bottled water. Showers left our skin feeling dry and itchy. All the appliances in the house had layers of build up from
years of hard water.

Since having our Hague water system installed we no longer have to buy bottled water. The water isn’t just drinkable, it tastes incredible! In the long run we are saving a lot of money and it’s great not to have a million plastic bottles everywhere.

We have also noticed a huge difference in the softness of our skin. Doing dishes and taking showers no longer leaves us with dry, itchy skin and we use significantly less lotion. We have replaced most of the appliances in our house and the new water system has kept them looking new and without the buildup hard water causes.

Overall we are so pleased with the service and quality provided by Hague. We would highly recommend their products to our family and friends. Thank you for providing us with great tasting, quality water!

Bruce and Samantha Jones