Testimonial Dan & Sandy Nipomo, CA

Testimonial Dan & Sandy Nipomo, CA

Dear Richard,

Thank you for over coming our reservations and convincing us that Hague
Water Max system is for us. The installers were very professional and were
great at working around our busy traveling schedule. The skill with which
the installers were able to install the equipment in a small space is testament
to their training. And the best part-they cleaned everything up after the
job was done.

The water system has been in operation for 3 months now and we are
enjoying the clean soft water. We were having problems with itchy skin and
scalp. These problems have cleared up now that the chlorine is being
removed from the water.

We also had a Reverse Osmosis system installed. Now we have gotten rid of
our Brita water pitcher and the water is better than ever.

We are very happy with Hague Water Max system and the quality of the
water it provides us. I recommend it to anyone who is having water quality

Thanks again


Don and Sandy