Testimonial Robert Aguilar Nipomo, CA

Testimonial Robert Aguilar Nipomo, CA

Dear Eric,

I first heard of Hague water systems in 1988. I was buying my first home in Nipomo.
So, I was interviewing the local water softening dealers. I clearly remember the
presentation given by the Hague Representative. I was particularly tuned in to the
chlorine part of the demonstration. Unfortunately, affordability was a huge factor so I
purchased a water softener unit and a reverse osmosis system system from Culligan.

During the process of purchasing my new home in 2005, I knew I wanted to have a water
softener from day one to preserve my new appliances and fixtures. At the Santa Maria
Home expo I surveyed the many options for softening water.

One day I was driving in Santa Maria and I saw a Hague sign in a front yard. My
memory kicked in and I decided to call Hague out of curiosity, I was mainly curious to
know what a Hague unit cost in 2OO5.

Eric, the Hague Representative arrived one evening and gave his sales pitch, The
presentation mirrored the one I received in 1988. The Chlorine factor resonated with my
health issues. But what’s the price for the system? lust like in 1988, the price
was beyond what I had budgeted for a water system. Why did I buy the Hague system? Because the price I pay for my health is my best investment. My gut feeling in 1988 was that the Hague system was superior.

Since I’ve had the Hague Maximizer. I’ve enjoyed the drinking water quality. It surely tastes better than my previous source. I have noticed my hair and skin responded
positively, I have coarse hair, yet in one month, it sure seems less coarse. I use to have
rough elbows. Now, they are smooth and I am doing nothing differently except having
my water conditioned by the Hague system.

Thanks Eric for your low key sales pitch I guess a great product will sell


Robert Aguilar