Testimonial Tony Orling Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Tony Orling Paso Robles, CA

We live in a area with a reputation for extremely hard water and already had
one house using water from the same well as our new house so we were
familiar with water softening systems and fully expected to have to install
one right away when our new house was complete.

We have a conventional water softener on our older house that certainly
improves the water from what comes straight out of the well, but we found
that the system drastically reduced water flow to the house. The system
would basically support the demands from one fixture (shower, sink, washer)
but turning on another faucet caused a major drop in water pressure.

The Hague system provides significantly better water pressure and volume
than our other water softener. We no longer have to be careful about water
use when someone is in the shower.

We’ve also noticed greatly reduced salt usage. I’ve already added two bags
of salt to the older water softener in a house with only one person using
the water. In the same period, we are just now down to the point where it
looks like I wiU soon have room to add one bag of salt to the Hague system.

No more stains/water spots. Dishes, fixtures and cars don’t show any
buildup. I noticed that our dishwasher was out of drying agent (jet dry)
the other day only because I was replacing a loose cap. Without the our
water softener, I would typically notice because the dishes would have
significantly more spots. Fixtures stay much cleaner with just an
occasional wipe with a cloth. No more scrubbing. or chemicals to remove
water spots on every faucet or sink. When washing the cars, we no longer
have to rush to remove every water drop before they dry to prevent that
mottled look.

No more bottled water. With the RO system included with our installation,
we are no longer using bottled water. Our icemaker, also hooked into the RO
line, produces dear and tasty ice that never leaves any of the floating
crud in our drinks that we experienced with unsoftened water.
Other comments I’ve heard include: Softer, smoother skin after showers.
less soap use for laundry and dishes. Clothes feel softer.

The only problem I’ve noticed is that our tubs and showers stay so dean now
that we’ve had to put non-skid pads down to reduce slipping. With hard
water, we would quickly build up a non-skid coating, even after cleaning.
Perhaps your installation package should start including non-skid stickers
for tubs and showers along with the soap.


Tony Orling