Testimonial Reed & Ingrid Penman Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Reed & Ingrid Penman Paso Robles, CA

To whom it may concern,

Ingrid and I were initially introduced to your product at the Paso Robles Home Show a few months ago.
We came upon your booth and met Helene (?) who was instantly very personable and very helpful with
questions. Since we have a (nearly new) water softener, we were more interested in the reverse osmosis
system. We agreed to sign up to have one of your representatives test our water and talk to us about your
“R.O.” system. I was a little reluctant at first because I am always irritated by high pressure sales
individuals, and I didn’t want to be subjected to that. In fact I almost cancelled the appointment, but a few
days prior to our scheduled appointment a nice woman from your company called to confirm. She said that
the original gentleman who was supposed to come by had other commitments and that someone else would
be by instead. She went on to tell me that she remembered Ingrid and me, and that it was a pleasure
spending time chatting with us at the home show. That follow up changed my mind into keeping the
scheduled appointment. That phone call demonstrated excellent customer service. Something one doesn’t
see much of, if at all, from big business companies.

I have been interested in a reverse osmosis system for a long time but just never took the time to do the
research about what the “R.O.” system does, not to mention how much it costs. All I had heard from people
and friends who had filtration systems in their homes were complaints about changing filters every one to
three months, and the cost of each filter. Needless to say I was a bit discouraged by their statements. Ingrid
didn’t have any issues with the tap water in our home. However we had used the” Britta filters that
accompanied their water pitcher, and we’d spend nearly $40 for each filter that we had to change every six
months in our refrigerator. All in all who knows how much we spent yearly just for filters for drinking
water between the Britta and Kenmore. I must add that even though we attempted to filter the water, I
personally still couldn’t stand the taste of the filtered water. Maybe I just have a sensitive palette but I
continued to buy bottled water, and very specific bottled water at that. Not all bottled water tastes good. In
my mind I suppose I figure that if the water doesn’t taste good it’s not good to drink. That in itself brings
about a gamut of other issues relating to water of which I don’t need to tell you about. The bottom line is
that we figured we were spending about $30 a month on bottled water, and roughly $50 a month on
“Sparkling Mineral Water” – a small fortune.

Dan Middleditch was the gentleman who came to test our water and talk to us about your product. He was
aware that we were only interested in the reverse osmosis system and spoke directly to that, but during the
course of our conversation we discussed our water softener. Dan was able to explain how it operates, what
the numbers on the face of the machine meant, as well as answer numerous questions we had. Dan was
very professional and very knowledgeable about your product, as well as the company owned business,
locally and overall. We felt very comfortable having him in our home as he has a laid back personality
while being personable at the same time. He didn’t have to work at selling your product. His
demonstration, knowledge, and water testing sold the product itself.

After tasting the water from an “RO” system that Dan brought with him, I realized that ‘his’ water tasted
even better than the bottled water we had been purchasing. Well except for maybe the sparkling mineral
water that we were buying. What can I say – we just like sparkling mineral water. We ended up purchasing
the H3500 model reverse osmosis system. With the eventual construction of the Nacimiento Water
Pipeline, we both have growing concerns with the future quality of the water that we will be getting from
the City of Paso Robles. We were comforted in knowing that this particular system will eliminate
hazardous contaminants. The same hazardous contaminates that continue to rise in the annual water reports
that we receive from the City of Paso Robles.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention Greg who installed our system. What a nice man. He came in and
went about his business efficiently, including cleaning up as he progressed with the install. He spoke very
highly of your company and how much he enjoys working with everyone. Even though he mentioned that
he really likes his job, we could tell that he enjoys what he does.

It has been almost three weeks since our reverse osmosis system was installed. Ingrid and I are extremely
happy with it. I find myself actually finishing a glass of water, because it tastes so good, instead of
dumping the rest down the drain. We are also pleased to see crystal clear ice cubes at the bottom of our
glass instead of white water deposits left by regular (filtered) tap water ice cubes.

Dan will be following up with us tomorrow to test our water and see how things are going with the system.
As part of our deal in purchasing this system (at a reduced rate) we were asked to write this letter. We are
so happy with the water quality from the system that we purchased, we would have written this letter
anyhow. We tell our friends how much we enjoy our water, and what a difference in the taste. If nothing
else the reassurance that we are no longer drinking water with contaminates in it. I feel healthier just
knowing that! I have even felt guilty :filling up an old Dasani water bottle with our new water system. I
can’t wait to get the Hague water bottles in order to carry more water, but moreover to be able to brag
about MY water that has “Hague Quality Water” on the container.

We have been happy doing business with a company that is family and locally owned who backs up and
guarantees their product. It’s also nice knowing that the Hague Company is in the USA and not in some
foreign country. Most of all and foremost, we appreciate the customer service that your company excels in,
as wen as the no pressure sales approach that Dan exhibited. We will certainly be coming back to you,
when our current water softener goes bad, to upgrade to your Hague WaterMax system.

It has been a pleasure doing business with Hague Quality Water Company!


B.J. Reed & Ingrid Penman