Testimonial John Prickett Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial John Prickett Paso Robles, CA

Dear Mr. Foronjy,

Making the decision to use Hague Quality Water System was one of the best
decisions we have ever made. Since you installed our Hague Soft Water and Reverse
Osmosis System our lives have changed forever. Our family now enjoys soft water that
feels great, leaves you clean, and taste excellent.

When my wife and I began to consider soft water and RIO systems our decision
was quite simple and easy. Hague Quality Water far and exceeds the competition with
the products they have to offer. Our past experiences with Culligan and Ecowater were
substandard. Even though their product was able to fulfill our needs my wife and I were
unhappy with the customer service and the lack of efficiency and constant upkeep of the
systems. Hague Quality Water has exceeded our expectations and has thoroughly
impressed us.

When we moved into our new house we were concerned about ‘well’ water with
its impurities and extreme hardness. My wife constantly made the comment that she felt
as though she was being pelted with rocks when she would take a shower leaving her
skin feeling dry and cracked. My children began to develop Eczema throughout their tiny
bodies causing undue discomfort. After installing our new Hague Quality Water System
my family is now happy and healthy.

Drinking water is very important to me and my family and if we do not like how
the water taste we won’t drink it. We found ourselves looking for reasons not to drink
the water from the tap due to the awful metallic taste. We constantly found ourselves
buying water by the cases to fulfill our needs for drinking water. Our new Hague
Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is simply incredible, our drinking water taste
better than bottled water. Once again, one of the best investments we could have ever

Hague Quality Water has proven to be a quality product that backs their product
with stellar customer service. Each and every person that works for Hague should be
proud of the company they work for and the product you offer to consumers. Thank you
for such a great water quality system.


John Prickett and the Prickett Family