Testimonial Jim & Kathy Pry Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Jim & Kathy Pry Paso Robles, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

We knew how hard the water is in Paso Robles and had previous water softeners, so when we went to the
Mid-State Fair, we looked for water softener companies to purchase a softener for our new house. Hague
water sent Diana out within a couple of days to test our water and show us the products available. She was
very informative and we learned some new things. She also . tested the water at our previous house and we
learned that the system we had there for only a little over 2 years was already not doing the job of softening
our very hard water. That convinced us to try the Water Maximizer and it’s longer warranty. We were also
pleased with the bonus soap pack that caine with the unit.

Paul came out the next week and installed the unit. He was very efficient and helpful. He also put in a soft
water faucet for ‘washing our cars. My husband has appreciated that already.

We are enjoying the soft water already and don’t have any chlorine odor coming from the water when we
shower. We like the quick regeneration and the less salt that’s being used. We feel this has been a great
investment and should last for many years.


Jim and Kathy Pry