Testimonial Robert & Monica Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Robert & Monica Paso Robles, CA

Dear Diana:

We are still very pleased and excited about our new water system!

We were originally in the market for a water system to compliment our tank less water
heating system. Our main focus was to find a system that would just soften our water.
However, after tasting the complementary water at your demonstration display at the
Mid-State Fair, we had to schedule an in home demonstration.

Before having the system installed, we had to remove and soak our shower heads in lime­
a-way more often than we would like. In one our showers we use a clear curtain, it would
become so clouded with calcium build up, rather that spend the effort to scrub off the
build up, we would just replace it. I am happy to say that sense the installation of our
system we have not had to clean our shower heads or replace our curtain. We also
checked with the company that installed our tank less water heater, and though they were
not excited that we did not buy a system from them, stated that the Hague system would
more than meet the requirements of our twenty-five year warranty.

We included the reverse osmosis system with our system, WOW! I have live in Paso
Robles for most of my life; the water has never tasted so good. The convenience of
having great tasting and healthy water right at your sink is invaluable, especially when
you are a family of seven. Instead of pouring plastic bottles, filled with water from who
knows where, into landfills we simply pour the highest quality water right from our own
sink. And with the recent news concerning traces of drugs and chemicals found in our
drinking water, it is a relief to know that we are not inadvertently poisoning our children.
To us, this supersedes the other noticeable benefits like softer hair and skin and the
money saved by reducing our soap usage. It is good to know too that with this system, as
a family, we are reducing our environmental impact.

All I can say about the installation without adding an entire page is this; our installer was
very professional, knowledgeable, and proficient. We have and older house with very
strange plumbing. He went beyond the call of duty to make sure our system was properly
installed. And the follow service is unsurpassed by any other company that we have ever
purchased from.


Robert and Monica O’Hagan