Testimonial Mike & Linda Neville Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Mike & Linda Neville Paso Robles, CA

To whom it may concern:

Until we met Dan at the California Mid State Fair in Paso Robles last August we hadn’t noticed anything wrong with our current water system. With the information Dan gave us we realized we needed to have him come out & test our water. We weren’t getting the full benefit of our system. Our previous system’s representative was not very reliable & did not come often enough to keep our system operating properly. Their being out of town made it even more difficult. That was over a year ago and when Dan came out for our consultation, he showed us how bad our water had become and our system was barely working. We decided it was time to change it. Dan was very personable, informative & knowledgeable in his field and helped answer all our questions. We were not persuaded by a slick presentation. We had been there before.

There is no comparison in how much better every facet of the water is, from bathing to washing our hair to washing dishes to cooking to drinking water to using less lotions for my itching skin everything is so much better, including the coffee. Cleaning is so much easier. It’s hard to believe how we could not have noticed how bad the water was but you just think it’s o.k. & then when you see the water tested and see how bad it looks & how simple the Hague Water System works, there’s no problem in making a change.

The installation was very professionally done and he complied with our request of the placement of the system and the salt tank. Your installer even disposed of our old water system without any hesitation which saved us the hassle of getting rid of it ourselves. That was a great burden off of us.

We believe all of the changes we see in the water are due solely to the Hague Water purifying system. We highly recommend this quality water system to anyone who has a skin problem, medical problem or just thinks he/she may not like the feel of the water. We couldn’t be happier and the follow-up visit was even more informative than the first time. Dan checked our system and made some changes on the program and we are confident that we will be pleased with the outcome.


Mike & Linda Neville