Testimonial Ted & Marcia Walker Templeton, CA

Testimonial Ted & Marcia Walker Templeton, CA

Dear Hague Quality Water,

When our Sears water softener malfunctioned about three weeks after moving
into our house, we started looking around for and inquiring about a new system.
We particularly did not want to have to fuss constantly with a system that clogged
easily and regenerated every evening. We got some recommendations from
friends and realtors and also had seen the Hague sign in front of a few homes in
our area. Since we had recently purchased our home, the Hague representative,
Diana, came by, which turned out to be perfect timing. We were a bit skeptical
but agreed to take the brochures and look them over. After going online to
research the Hague and other similar systems we decided that it wouldn’t hurt to
get a demo and find out how hard our water was (you don’t even want to know).
We aren’t easy to sell to and we are used to doing a fair amount of research
before commiting to any large expenditure.

After Diana’s presentation, our research, and actually seeing the system at the
Paso Robles home show, we did, in fact, decide it was the best choice for us.

We have not regretted that decision in the least. The system was installed
professionally and painlessly by Paul in about 4 hours. The system is convenient,
works really well, and we don’t have to think about it. Even though there was a bit
of sticker shock with the price we both feel that we have made the right choice.
You really do get what you pay for, as with having the right tools for any job, we
feel the Hague water treatment system is absolutely the best system on the
market today.

We would recommend this system to anyone who really cares about the quality
of their water.


Ted and Marcia Walker