Testimonial David & Kim Hughes Templeton, CA

Testimonial David & Kim Hughes Templeton, CA

Dear Bruce,

It has been approximately one month since we’ve had our Hague Water System installed.
We would like to commend you on the wonderful presentation you gave us about your.
water system. All of our questions and concerns were answered very honestly and in
depth. We were very impressed with the professionalism of the installation crew and
everyone else involved.

After the installation of the Hague Water System, we noticed the dramatic difference
immediately. It has affected everything in our life. Our skin, clothes, drinking water, ice,
and appliances, not to mention less cleaning. Imagine that, no more water spots and hard
water build up on our showers and sinks. David tells everyone that enters our house
about our water. Even the children noticed the dramatic difference. Our youngest child
tells people, “I love our fancy new water.”

Prior to purchasing the Hague Water System, we researched other water systems
available. We found that no other water system on the market could compare to the
Hague Water System. We were especially impressed with the fact that the Hague Water
System filtered the softened water.

We would like to thank you and everyone at the Water Improvement Group for your
professionalism. During the presentation everything that you told us has come true. We
are truly delighted with our new water system.


David and Kim Hughes