Testimonial The Dougherty Family Templeton, CA

Testimonial The Dougherty Family Templeton, CA

Our family is so grateful to Hague for bringing quality water into our
lives. We can not believe the difference. Who would have thunk …
that changing the water quality would impact our lives in so many
different ways? For me, the mom, it is sooo much easier cleaning.
The toilets, sinks and showers have no water build-up. The dishes
look like new, without streaks. Our appliances use fewer products,
thus saving us money. For my husband he enjoys the products
provided to us by Hague. The soap and shampoo is sensational. His
hair looks and feels cleaner, with a healthy shine. With the economy
the way it is saving every little bit helps. We no longer buy water
from the store. We are able to place our great tasting water into
thermos’s containers. It amazes us that our daughter no longer
complains about her skin itching. Maybe due to the fact that the
chlorine has been removed. As a nurse I am happy that we are no
longer drinking chemicals. Our dog that never would drink the water
out of his bowl now drinks his water. He was drinking the water out
of our pond. We could not be happier with our waterMAX unit. The
unit was installed in one day. Hague really takes their business
seriously, their professional staff knows the product. The twenty-five
year warranty we received did not hurt either. For us this type of
warranty is unheard of. Who do you know that stands behind their
product like that? I know I can not think of one either. Our family is
thrilled to enhance our lives with our waterMAX system. Oh I forgot
we own the unit, meaning if we move, the unit goes with us. We LOVE­
LOVE-LOVE our water. Thanks HAGUE for improving our lives.


The Dougherty Family

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