Testimonial Greg & Ssarah Barr Templeton, CA

Testimonial Greg & Ssarah Barr Templeton, CA


Quality and taste of water has always been important to our family. After moving to our
new home in Templeton, California, I was surprised and somewhat disappointed with the
poor quality of the water. After taking baths or showers, a residue could be felt on our
skin. My daughter and wife complained of dry skin and the shower and bathtub would
smell of chemicals after usage of the faucets. We wouldn’t even consider drinking the
water because of the horrible taste. Dishes, utensils and drinking glasses all quickly
acquired a white shadow like appearance and never seemed to get clean even after several
cycles in our dishwasher. The countertops and glass doors of our showers became
impossible to clean of water spots. We made several inquiries into other water quality
companies in the local area and decided on Hague. We purchased a Hague water system
at a reasonable price and after a quick and professional installation; our family noticed
the results almost immediately. Taking showers and bathes became a pleasure again, as
the itchy residue that permeated the skin was gone and we actually felt clean. The
countertops, shower doors and other glass items in the house were easier to clean and less
soap and cleaning solutions were needed. The drinking glasses and utensil appeared
presentable again. The Hague reverse osmosis drinking water system provides quality
drinking water that rivals any bottled water brands we have purchased in the past. I can
honestly say that our family has benefited from the water system we purchased at Hague
and the quality oflife is truly connected to the quality of water which is used in one’s

Greg, Shelly and Sarah Barr

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