Testimonial Steve Click Atascadero, CA

Testimonial Steve Click Atascadero, CA

March 2009

What can I say? Our new soft water system and reverse osmosis unit are great. We
should have put this system in even before we moved into our newly built home.
Hopefully our plumbing and hot water units didn’t suffer adversely from the hard, city
water for the first few months of use.

From the first morning I showered, I could feel the minerals that our old water system left
on my body wash off and go right down the drain. I have had very few experiences using
softened water; it always felt like the soap wasn’t coming off 0)’ the time I was ready to
towel off. Now I know what all that was about. My skin feels so much softer and
smooth. I have found that our towels are so much softer after they are washed and dried,
and stay that way even after several uses (rather than getting stiffer the old way). A few
weeks after we started using the soft water, I cleaned the shower head and found that in
just five months of use, hard water minerals were already clogging the head (I wonder
what it was doing to our tankless hot water system?).

Our stainless steel dishwasher had a layer of mineral deposits coating the entire interior
with our old, hard water. 1 cleansed it using vinegar and then ran a full cycle to have the
vinegar move throughout the entire unit. Since getting our soft water unit, our dishes
come out sparkling clean (with no residue left on them) and the interior of the dishwasher
is spotless.

We are very pleased with our drinking and cooking water osmosis unit, placed at our
kitchen sink. 1 can taste the difference, and when we make frozen juice, it comes out
tasting almost like “fresh squeezed.”

An added bonus was finding new cleaning products that work effectively with soft water.
With the special Hague shampoo product, it just takes a pea-sized amount to lather up.
The hand and body soap bars last a very long time because you use so little.

We found that Diana, our sales representative, was very professional during her
presentation. She answered our questions, and when she wasn’t sure about a specific
issue, she called her manager and gave us an immediate answer. She contacted us in a
timely manner to see how we liked our new units.

Overall, we are very pleased with the Hague products we bought earlier this year. We
highly recommend them to everyone.


Steve Click and Dana Belmonte
Atascadero, CA