Testimonial – Dereck Barnes – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – Dereck Barnes – Atascadero, CA

Dear Hague,

I just wanted to formally thank you for the transformation that my water in my home has undergone.
have noticed so many changes lately that my two year old son and I are experiencing. Bathing, laundry, dishes, drinking water are some of the areas that we are seeing these changes.

Showering is a whole new experience now that we have a Watermax system in our home. Our skin is
smoother and feels cleaner when we get out and dry off. Not to mention quite itch-free. It was
interesting getting used to the lesser amount of soap needed to fully cleanse yourself. There were suds everywhere for the first few days until I learned that the right amount was less than the size of a dime for shampoo. Amazing!

I love doing laundry and the dishes. My clothes love it too. No longer are they being bombarded with large amounts of chlorine and other harsh chemicals. I can see the proof of this when I clean the lint filter on the dryer. I used to pull a quilt out of that thing between loads. Now I hardly have to change it after each load. My clothes are also holding their color when I wash them too. The dishes in the
dishwasher come out cleaner now too with less soap. I open the door to the dishwasher to find that they no longer have hard water deposits all over my just cleaned bowls and cups. Strangely enough, really do find it exciting to do the laundry and dishes. I never thought f would feel this way about these activities.

Along with the Watermax, f had a Reverse-Osmosis Unit installed under my kitchen sink. Never have I enjoyed a nice, ice cold glass of water from my own residence before. Not only does it taste exquisite but it is much healthier than a refreshing soda. f bring my own water to work now too, saving me money on those beverage purchases at the store.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with my new water quality system. I knew things would be different but not like this! I love it, I love it, I love it!

Lastly I had a soft water hose bib installed in my garage which I use for washing my vehicles. Now when I rinse them I have a little more time to dry them before they spot up in the sun. I love this feature along with the rest.


Dereck Barnes