Testimonial Derek & Tabitha Atascadero, CA

Testimonial Derek & Tabitha Atascadero, CA

June 7,2009

Dear Eric,

We just wanted to thank you for taking the time to introduce the Hage Watermax system
to our family. Your team exceeded our expectations on the instillation and to be honest
were more knowledgeable than any other plumber we’ve done business with in the past.
They were very efficient and clean. They even came back to re plumb the entire system
and moved it upon our request for free. That’s customer service!

We have been using our water system for 4 months now and I’ll have to say it truly is
amazing. We had major problems with mineral deposits in our new home, all of which
are now gone. With the arrival of our new baby we were very concerned with our water
quality and after seeing your demonstration and 4 months of water use, we can honestly
say we made the best choice.

The Reverse Osmosis system you installed truly does produce the best tasting water. Its
nice to know our baby girl is drinking the cleanest water possible. We have also noticed
an improvement in the taste of coffee and foods. Not to mention the occasional cocktail.

Overall we are very pleased with the Hague water system and the people who stand
behind it. From day one we have been blessed with exceptional customer service, which
seems to be hard to come by these days. I have and will continue to recommend your
product to friends and family.

Thanks much,


Derek, Tabitha and Layla