Testimonial Shirley Gilbert Templeton, CA

Testimonial Shirley Gilbert Templeton, CA

March 10, 2009

Hague Water Company

Dear Richard,

It has been several months now since you installed the Hague Water System, and I apologize for not sending this letter earlier.

When we bought our house in Templeton it had another water softening system, and as we were
doing a total rehab of the house and gardens, finances were being stretched so we decided to put off getting a new system. Needless to say, after enjoying the Hague system for several months I deeply regret that we did not do it sooner. You came to the house and gave me a terrific presentation,
which included testing the water (the chlorine was unmistakable), you answered all my questions,
were very well informed and were in all way very professional.

The installation of the system was trouble free, and in addition Hague installed a heat pump in the master bathroom so that I received hot water in the back of the house sooner and that meant there was less waste of water. I love it.

The quality of the water has been excellent, my skin feels so much better, and my eczema is so much better that before. My dishes and glasses look great, my fixtures look brand new, and the savings in soap used is amazing.

Everyone that I have worked with at Hague has been wonderful. I had a problem about three weeks
ago, my hot water heater started leaking, it was 5.45pm and too late to get anyone in to see what the problem was. In desperation I called Hague, and Eric answered the phone, he walked me through turning off everything on the water heater and the Hague system, what a relief. He even called me a couple of days later to make sure that everything was OK, that’s what I call service.

I would certainly recommend the Hague Water System to everybody, it was more expensive than I
expected, but as it usually turns out, you get what you pay for, and I am glad that I made the leap of faith.


Shirley Gilbert