Testimonial Paul & Stella Mattson Nipomo, CA

Testimonial Paul & Stella Mattson Nipomo, CA

Dear Dan

Thank you very much for your comprehensive knowledge and assistance involving our recent purchase of Hague Quality Water systems.

We moved from the Los Angeles to a semi-rural neighborhood into a 21-year old house in Nipomo. We were concerned about the water quality in this area. Although assured it was acceptable we wanted definite answers .. The water softener and reverse osmosis systems weren’t doing ~he job any longer and we wanted something newer and more efficient. We contacted another company that sounded very good~ however, after con­tinuing our research we decided to call Hague Quality water. Dan, your thoroughness involving water ·in general and the Hague systems specifically convinced us Hague was the way to go. We feel we didn’t go wrong.

Our soap products are wonderful, thank you so much. It’s so con­venient not having to buy these products for two full years!!

Since the purchase a month ago, our hair and skin, especially bedding and clothing, have noticeably improved and are much softer. You may remember I said my hair felt like “straw.”

At a recent BBQ a friend used my dish towel to dry some utensils.
She stopped and asked whose towel it w~s and I said “mine.” She commented on how soft it felt and caressed it with her hands. I told her we had purchased a Hague system and that was why. I could tell she filed it mentally.

We also love our reverse osmosis system. Better tasting water and
much better pressure (especially when filling soup pots). Paul and I are comforted knowing we now have healthy, new, working water systems in our home for many years to come.


Paul and Stella Mattson