Testimonial Linea Johnson Nipomo, CA

Testimonial Linea Johnson Nipomo, CA

Dear Hague,

Prior to having our Hague system installed we purchased the Stop Scale from 5 Cities
Water. We only had the Stop Scale a little over a year, but battled major spots on
“supposedly” clean dishes and scale in the washing machine. .

Since trading in the Stop Scale unit I have noticed a tremendous improvement in the
clarity of glasses and dishes coming out of the dishwasher. We’re using less soap and I
can even use the energy saver drying option and still have no spots. It is such a pleasure
to not have to rub white spots and scale off everything; I can just put everything away
straight out of the dishwasher.

I only wish I had purchased the Watermax first and not wasted my money on the Stop


Linea Johnston