Testimonial Julie Lopez Nipomo, CA

Testimonial Julie Lopez Nipomo, CA

To whom it may concern,

We love our new Hague Water System! We had to have some type of water
softener living in Nipomo. When we first moved in to our new home, we stopped
the rental of softening canisters to see what would happen. We almost immediately
started to have plumbing problems. The faucets and toilets started to leak because
of the hard water build up. The cleaning instantly became almost impossible.

That’s not even mentioning the nagging feeling I got every time I opened a plastic
water bottle. Were we contributing to global warming? Was the water bottle heated
up in transit, and full of chemicals as a result?

We knew we had to resolve the issue immediately, and started reading up on
water softening systems. When I read the research on the effects of chlorine on the
body and its relationship to cancer, I new we had to do more than soften our water.
At the time our baby, Zachary-was eight-months old. I couldn’t dream of giving
him another drop of tap water with the possibility of serving him chlorine or some
other chemical used to purify the water. I was also concerned about the
contaminants from the agriculture in the area. Learning about Hague’s three part
filter system, quelled my fears.

We now feel comfortable that the three of us are not filling, or covering
ourselves with known carcinogens every time we take a shower or eat something
cooked in tap water. We also bought the R.O. System and love the taste of our
water! Thanks again for helping us to be healthy!


Julie Lopez