Testimonial Mike & Lorene Murphy Nipomo, CA

Testimonial Mike & Lorene Murphy Nipomo, CA

Dear Hague Water,

We would like to take this opportunity to express the changes that the water softening
system and reverse osmosis filter has made in our home. We have well water so as a
result the water is very hard. There have been several changes that we have experienced
since we put in the Hague Water System.

•The hard water build up no longer corrodes our pipes. The water is much smoother, and tastes better. We filled our Jacuzzi up with the soft water and there is no more foam and the build
up inside the jets is extremely less. Our skin is much softer. We use less cleaning products.

We realized that the water system is going to save us money in the long run through our
appliances and pipes as well as saving on cleaning products. And of course tasting the
results and feeling the results on our skin.

We are very pleased with the system and with the professionalism of the team at Hague


Mike & Lorene Murphy