Testimonial Donnie & Andrea Tremper Nipomo, CA

Testimonial Donnie & Andrea Tremper Nipomo, CA

Dear Mr. Eric Foronjy,

Not long after purchasing our home, we noticed (and felt) that we had very hard water.
The home was built in 2000, so you could imagine what the water had left us with. All of
our kitchen and bathroom fixtures are “hard water stained” and the shower door is
permanently “cloudy” looking. The front lawn is on a timer and if we ever forgot to move
our cars out of the path of the water, we literally had to take our cars in to a shop just to
get the dried water spots waxed out of the paint. Furthermore, we noticed right away that
out hair and skin were brittle and dry; we even had to take our dog to the vet due to itchy
skin from drinking and bathing in our water.

Within three days of having our new Hague water system installed, we could tell a huge
difference. I’ve actually had to work to get the shampoo out of our hair because it was the
first time in one year where we took a shower and the soaps lathered beautifully. Vie
could not be more pleased with our system. It is a great sense of relief and piece of mind
to know that we are being protected from harmful items in the water that go unseen to the
naked eye. We are very impressed. Our home proved to be a project since the installers
had to go through the attic; but they took their time and never did anything without our
consent. I truly appreciate all of their hard work.

Thanks so much for your time and for coming out to the home to give us a free water test.
We could not be more thrilled!


Donnie & Andrea Tremper