Testimonial Jason & Lyndi Whetsel Morro Bay, CA

Testimonial Jason & Lyndi Whetsel Morro Bay, CA

Dear Prospective Hague Water System Buyers:

Other than the fact that Juliana and I were occasionally frustrated with scale build-up on our shower and coffee maker, we had little motivation for purchasing a water softening system or a reverse osmosis filter. In fact, we had removed an old stand-alone system from one of our previous Fresno homes and had also removed the unsightly outdoor piping to connect rental cylinders on our current Morro Bay home. The Hague display at the 2006 Morro Bay Harbor Festival caught our attention and we proceeded to engage salesman Dan in a lengthy debate about the cost benefits of Hague vs. competitors vs. no system. Dan’s home visit answered all our questions/objections. Further, we found Hague’s installer to be thoroughly professional, helpful, and informative. He
accommodated our desire to install the softening system in the basement and isolated from the landscape valves, which resolved the problems we had with the previous outdoor rental tank installation mentioned above.

Now that we have used the system for two months we specifically notice:

Shower cleanup is much more effective and certainly easier
Softer skin and Juliana finds less need to put lotion on her back
Hair that shines and stays less ‘frizzy’ after a shampoo

Suds quickly form and stay longer in the shower and dish sink
Cleaner dishes and spot-free glasses from the dishwasher
Softer, and perhaps even brighter, clothes from the laundry
Coffee maker and teakettle scale is no longer a problem
Water actually does not have any off-taste

Peace-of-mind regarding appliance and piping deterioration due to scale build-up

We are delighted and have zero regrets about our Hague purchase and would be pleased
to provide further details or answers to specific questions you might have by telephone at
805 772 2376.

Jason and Lyndi Whetsel