Testimonial Patti Kearn Morro Bay, CA

Testimonial Patti Kearn Morro Bay, CA

Dear Richard,

It was our lucky day when I found you in the yellow pages. We knew that we needed a new water softener and RO system. We had decided that we wanted someone local, or as close to home as possible. We had dealt with the local Morro Bay water company so did not want to contact them.

In the last forty years we have purchased three Culligan systems and one generic system. But we have never had a water system like Hague Quality Water. We are so pleased with the performance of the water softener and the RO system you installed for us.

The installment was really done so quickly and expertly that I almost thought it was not finished. Paul did a marvelous Job. It is wonderful knowing that we are not drinking “shoe water” as
you demonstrated to us. When I think back about what we were drinking it is amazing that we didn’t become ill. We feel that the water we are drinking now not only tastes good but is healthful for us too. Being familiar with other systems we can tell the difference in the quality of water we
now have. With other systems we could feel the slick feeling that you are not rinsed well and there is still residue on your body. We do not find that with the Hague system. We make our own laundry soap .. and get plenty suds with our new Hague system, and know that our laundry is clean
with no soap residue.

Thank you so much for bring such a wonderful water conditioning system into our home. We are enjoying it everyday.


Patti Kearn