Testimonial – Mike and Jeanie McCombs – Arroyo Grande, CA

Testimonial – Mike and Jeanie McCombs – Arroyo Grande, CA

June 27,2011

This letter is sent as an expression of thanks for your help in providing us with improved
water quality in our household.

We had a traditional soft water system for nearly sixteen years and I generally accepted
that I would have to feed it every three months with some 200 pounds of salt. While we
knew of the negative health influences of the “high” sodium levels in softened water, we
did run our cooking water and drinking water through a reverse osmosis system to offset
this negative. But, at least we had soft water for bathing and laundry; that was suitable.

In the last couple of years, we started to look for alternatives to the traditional softener.
My wife’s skin had been somewhat dry and itchy for years with no known reason. Face
washing often left mildly irritated eyes. Further, I had long been aware of an annoying,
pungent odor in the shower enclosure when I used my live-steam bath; I thought it was
just part of the water to stearn conversion process.

Your visit to explain the HAGUE system and it’s potential benefits really opened our
eyes; we listened carefully and asked questions and you made sure we were “informed”
consumers, and we chose to purchase.

Our system was installed in early June; within one week, my wife’s skin became suppler
and the itch disappeared as a result of removing the chlorine and dissolved solids. Eyes
have become less irritated. Laundry has a softer quality and we are using a bit less
detergent. We have found our reverse osmosis water tastes better than before. The best
and most impressive improvement is that the pungent odor in my steam-bath is gone, a
direct result of chlorine removal before water is converted to steam. Little did I know
that the generator was driving chlorine gas out of the water and it was recombining in the
heat and steam to form a mildly acidic vapor that I breathed while taking a steam-bath.

Thank you again for your information and your services.


Mike and Jeanie McCombs
Arroyo Grande, CA