Testimonial Nicole Evenson Los Alamos, CA

Testimonial Nicole Evenson Los Alamos, CA


June 25, 2010

Hague Quality Water
2125 Buckskin Drive
Los Osos, CA 93402

Dear Hague,

Since the installation of our water softener and reverse osmosis systems, my family has
experienced a world of difference in everything our home’s water touches. We feel a
noticeable difference in our skin and hair. Our appliances are operating much better; I
never thought our dishes would look new again. The water softening system is also
saving our family money on costly cleaners, detergents, and soaps and shampoos, since
we now have to use so little of these products to achieve the same effect as we received
prior to the installation.

But above all these wonderful benefits is that I now feel better about the water that my
family uses. Knowing that the water softener is removing chemicals and impurities is a
great relief, especially with a 16 month old at home. We always used bottled water to
drink, but I never thought about the tap water we used to cook our meals. This opened
my eyes to all the things I was still using tap water for that our family was still ingesting.
With the reverse osmosis system, I feel safe and confident about everything we drink
and eat (including the dog’s water now too!). It also doesn’t hurt that the reverse
osmosis water tastes better than the bottled water.

Thank you,

Nicole Evenson