Testimonial – Lori & Stephen Hall – Arroyo Grande, CA

Testimonial – Lori & Stephen Hall – Arroyo Grande, CA


Hi Eric,

Steve and I are moved back into our newly remodeled home and couldn’t be happier. Right
away, We noticed a huge difference in how soft our skin felt after taking our very first
shower and bath. Our whole house water system is fantastic. We are using less lotion we
can’t believe the difference in how wonderful and healthy our skin looks and feels.

We appreciate knowing that the water we are breathing in the steam shower is pure and
healthy, without Chlorine and are confident that we made a wise investment to protect not
only our health but also our new Perrin and Rowe plumbing fixtures and new glass shower
doors. The decision to install our new Hague whole house water system during the process
of our extensive remodel, right from the start was a good one.

In the washer, we are using less soap and our clothes smell so fresh and clean. We also
feel great about cooking with pure and clean filtered water. The food tastes better and we
know the health benefits are numerous. The Reverse Osmosis water is really tasty and we
love our clear “designer” ice cubes from our ice machine. Everyone is drinking more water
and there is no need to buy ice at the store ever again!

Thank you so much for providing us with the best possible products and service.

Lori & Stephen Hall

Arroyo Grande, CA