Testimonial – Kristen Wallin – Arroyo Grande, CA

Testimonial – Kristen Wallin – Arroyo Grande, CA

September 11,2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Although I may have waited until the last day to write this letter, I have known exactly
what I was going to say for weeks now. We got the Hague Water System installed and
instantly we saw a huge difference. My husband and I had our house custom built for us
2 years ago. We put a lot of thought into everything, from drawing up the plans to
picking out every light fixture. As excited as we were when everything was finished,
there was definitely some things that we wished we would have done differently or things
that we still needed. One of them was definitely a water softener. I was constantly
frustrated with the dishwasher because I felt like it wasn’t cleaning the dishes but really it
was just hard water spots. After we got the Hague Water System installed our dishes are
coming out of the dishwasher clean and clear and beautiful. My other big complaint to
my husband was the ice our freezer was making. You could see all the particles floating
in your glass from the ice when it melted. It was disgusting and I always made my
husband buy ice if we ever had people over. This was one of the first things I mentioned
during our first water test. Our ice is now clear and perfect! !

Obviously we would have been satisfied with just these changes but I am actually
most grateful for the difference it has made in my daughter’s skin. Our daughter is 14
months old and she had really bad eczema. Her doctor had me change her diet and take
dairy out to make sure she wasn’t allergic. I tried expensive lotions and body soap. I
changed laundry detergents. I did everything I could think of and nothing helped. I was
shocked to see that other people had written in their letters that the water system helped
their skin problems. I was so excited to see that and it really made a difference in our
decision making process. And I am glad we did make the right decision. Within a few
days, my daughter’s eczema was starting to clear up and it was completely gone within a
week! It has been over a month and her skin has remained clear. We highly recommend
this system. We were impressed with how quickly we saw a difference and we are so
happy with the Hague Water System. Our system was installed the day after we had our
first water test and both the salesman and installer were so nice and professional. We
have recommended this system to our friends and we hope this letter help you make your
decision too.


Kristen Wallin