Testimonial – Mark & Julie London – Arroyo Grande, CA

Testimonial – Mark & Julie London – Arroyo Grande, CA

As a follow-up to our agreement, I wanted to let you know how
pleased we are with our Hauge system 1 month later. Since we have
had water softeners in our homes the past 15 years, I really did not
expect much change that what we were use to. I was pleasantly
surprised to find my hair silkier after washing! All those years of

I believe the other major difference is what we found in our laundry.
As I had told you, Mark experiences rashes from most laundry
detergents, and we found we could only use Arm & Hammer to
prevent this problem. We cautiously tested the laundry soap
provided by Hauge, and are pleased to tell you that not only has he
had only 1 experience of irritation, but also the plus is that our clothes
and towels appear to be much softer! I guess all that soap is finally
washing out!

Thank you for your gracious service. I appreciate the commitment
you have to your product, and the care you provide to us, your
customer. We will continue to tell our friends about our satisfaction
with our Hague system!


Mark & Julie London